Snap Sock – a bit more clever.

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Socks with a button: The birth of a clever idea.

The invention of Snap Socks is literally a crazy idea. It begins on New Year’s morning 1998 when a hangover young man named Benny is wearing a blue and a black sock. He stayed over night at his friends Dennis Des house and the two simply begin to chat about, what the phenomenon of missing socks might be? Are there some small monsters living in the washing machine and eating them? Do they just disappear in some unknown galaxy or is there any other way? There must be a solution to solve the single sock phenomenon! And then, there simply is one: “We just provide the socks with a snap!”.

Snap Sock: From the idea to the patented product.

Even a brilliant idea needs time to be turned in a successfully product. How to design the button? How to make sure it does not tear apart from the sock? How to create a practical and comfortable sock that will make everyone happy?
The breakthrough in the development of the perfect Snap Sock has been managed together with researchers from the textile pilot plant in Reutlingen. Here the method has been developed to strengthen the sock around the button. Despite some difficulties and obstacles on the path to market: the “crazy idea” of a New Year’s morning has prevailed and has been rewarded with success. Snap Socks are far more convincing more than 5 million pairs of feet. And every day there are more.