Snap Sock – a bit more clever.

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Professor Dr. Dennis De
Dennis De, the inventor of the Snap Sock, is Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship at ESB Business School Reutlingen University and has therefore been of a very good sense in terms of feasibility and market introduction of new ideas and products. And with the development of the Snap Socks he has clearly demonstrated that besides the theory he can dominate the practice.

Gregor Rosenbauer
Gregor Rosenbauer is a trained advertising businessman, founder and long-time managing partner of a successful advertising agency in Hamburg and therefore specialised in marketing – and in business socks. Originally he was just hired as a consultant to support the licensing of Snap Socks but got struck by the product and decided to found his own Sock business together with Christian Strohecker.

Christian Strohecker
Christian Strohecker has been working for more than 25 years in textile companies such as Tchibo and Conleys before he co-founded Snap Socks. He knows how to trade and market the product.