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Snap Socks.

Brilliant. Easy. Patented.

Snap Socks put an end to individual socks. The patented push-button system keeps your socks together when needed. Weather they are men´s socks, women´s socks, childrens sock or baby socks, in the washing machine, in the dryer or on the clothesline.


Never sort socks again.

Clicked together quickly, sorted even faster and always the matching pair of socks at hand. Snap Socks solve your everyday problem quite simply. It saves time for more interesting activities. It saves the trouble of having lost socks. Socks of all types, Children socks, baby socks, girls socks, boys socks, women socks and men socks. Snap Socks are another attractive solution in the age of "Smart Solutions".





Highest quality.
Perfect comfort.

Snap Socks are for everyone, Babys-Children-Boys-Girls-Men-Women socks with a push button. Snap Socks can be used in almost all sock productions, as long as the stitch density is high enough. The system is particularly suitable for business socks of all kinds.

The extra-flat push button is not felt on the foot and is of course nickel-free, therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. The additional reinforcement of the sock around the button guarantees a high tear resistance.


It's so easy to use the idea.

Snap Socks does not produce, but awards licenses for the patent. Please get in contact with us, then we can talk about the use for your assortment, about the license costs, about the possible exclusive and technical support.

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